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Who we are

Since 1977 Haven Hills has lifted up survivors of domestic violence to transform their lives. We offer shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, and activities supporting increased economic opportunity for over 2,500 women and men each year. In doing so, we help survivors of domestic violence find the strength within themselves to break the cycle of abuse and build a new, productive, and joyful life for themselves and their children.

Our mission

Haven Hills provides safety, shelter, and support to all survivors of domestic violence while working to break the cycle of abuse. We save lives, inspire change, and transform victims to empowered survivors.

Our vision

We believe everyone deserves to live a life free from violence, and that healthy relationships transform society. Our vision is to lift up survivors of domestic violence, transform their lives, and foster family and community relationships rooted in equality and mutual respect.

Board of directors

Fiscal Year 2020-2021
  • Linda Bessin
    President | Community Activist
  • Belinda Morris
    Co-Vice President | Peoplescape Consulting Group
  • Jennifer Skolnick
    Co-Vice President | Skolnick Family Law
  • Sarah Prince
    Treasurer | United Agencies Inc
  • Matthew Breddan
    Secretary | The Reape-Rickett Law Firm
  • Martha Spano
    Immediate Past President | Gallagher Benefits Services, Inc.
  • Lynn Brandt
    Director | Community Activist
  • Valerie Bowman
    Director | Bowman Wealth Management,LLC
  • Dennis Duitch
    Director | Duitch Consulting
  • Christine Kundly
    Director | Southern California Gas
  • Nathalie Lubensky
    Director | Marketing Consultant
  • Laura Pope
    Director | Everest Capital Private Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Gerry Seli
    Director | KGI