During fiscal year 2013-2014 Haven Hills continued to be a critical source of support for over 3,700 women, men, and children in Los Angeles. The importance of Haven Hills’ programs and services cannot be overstated. Your support has a significant impact on every victim who calls or stays at our shelters – thank you for your continued support.

During fiscal year 2013-2014:

  • 8,708 calls were logged through our Crisis Hotline
  • 1,126 individual counseling sessions were provided to victims of domestic violence.
  • 186 women and children were provided shelter, food, and clothing for 4,821 nights at our Crisis Shelter.
  • 546 victims of domestic violence were referred out because our crisis shelter was full.
  • 63 school age children attended our onsite Crisis Shelter School, during their stay at our shelter.
  •  91% of our clients exiting our shelters entered into long-term supporting housing or permanent housing without their batterer; making significant steps toward breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

A Letter from Joanna M. a former resident of our Crisis Shelter

Dear Haven Hills Staff,

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Every last one of you have been more than helpful to me and my son. You have given me a platform from which I can launch my plans and goals for a new and better life for us. I have gained so much in just the short time I have been here, and so has my son. Jackie and Miss. Garcia have worked nothing short of a miracle in turning my son’s attitude about school completely around and preparing him for 9th grade; Diana, for being a friend and confidant – someone he could talk to and trust. Thank you, Lexington, for working so hard and getting me set up with all these appointments to help point me in the right direction. Your time and effort are priceless!

Maria, there are no words to give justice and proper meaning to the depths of help you have given me – you are truly one of God’s Angels! You showed me, on a piece of paper – in black and white – why I felt this hole in my heart, why I had this empty feeling; and then started me on a path to healing. I felt like a whole new person when I left Haven Hills! I’m sure I will have a day here and there, while I reflect and heal, that I will feel low, but you have given me such wonderful words of wisdom which will stick with me and lift me right back up. You helped me learn why, and now I can let it go and heal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

To everyone else, you have been so kind and courteous, so understanding, and respectful and supportive. I thank you all for the time to regroup, redirect, and start moving forward with my plans and goals. I would like very much to share milestones with all of you, as I reach team, I would like to send you a picture with a letter to share with everyone as I move forward.

Thank you for all that you do and the time that you give!

Yours very truly,

Joanna M.

(Names have been changed to protect privacy)