How We Can Help

24/7 Crisis Line 818.887.6589

The Haven Hills Crisis Line is staffed by trained counselors and volunteers 24/7. Whether it’s a victim calling or a friend reaching out to get help for a victim, s/he will talk to a knowledgeable person who is ready to listen.

Our bilingual counselors provide immediate assistance for victims including:

  • Access to 45-Day Crisis Shelter
  • Referrals to medical care
  • Referrals to available legal/social
    service resources
  • Help in developing a safety plan
  • Spanish-speaking staff available

45-day Crisis Shelter

The 45-Day Crisis Shelter offers a confidential refuge for victims of domestic violence, and their children, to find stability, break away, reassess and begin to rebuild their lives. The shelter provides food, clothing, and supportive services for 45 days.

Our staff immediately address trauma with:

  • Counseling, support and advocacy
  • Legal and medical referrals
  • Development of a safety plan
  • Access to community resources
  • Children’s program and On-Site Shelter School

Haven II 18-Month Transitional Housing Shelter

The Haven II Program provides no-cost temporary housing for women, men, and their children to take the next steps in stabilizing their lives and planning for the future. This 18-month program provides the client with tools to establish credit, develop a budget, find a permanent place to live and develop a plan for safety. The program includes:

  • Job counseling, training, and referrals
  • Access to local education programs and
    workshops to build skills
  • Support groups such as developing parenting
    skills, building self-esteem, and understanding
    the dynamics of domestic violence
  • Family counseling
  • Children’s programs

Outreach Services

We offer day and evening support group meeting times, plus Information Sessions, and more. Support groups give participants the skills to recognize the signs of domestic violence, understand the barriers to leaving, and gain education about available legal resources available to domestic violence victims. If you are looking to talk with others who have been affected by unhealthy relationships or need help with an action plan, our trained staff will help you learn, heal, and empower yourself to create health/safety in or out of your relationship.

Counseling services are offered in both English and Spanish

IMPORTANT: Computers, Internet Privacy and Social Media

Please understand that computer use can be monitored by an abuser, and there are ways for an abuser to access your email, social media, and/or find out what sites you have visited on the internet. It is impossible to clear off all data related to your computer activity. Please take safe measures to protect yourself by using a computer at a public terminal such as a library or community center. Or choose to call Haven Hills 24/7 CRISIS Line 818.887.6589 from a pay phone or other safe phone.

24-Hour Crisis Line


Help is just a phone call away.

Additional Services

Workshops and Trainings

There are many trainings and workshops for groups that want to recognize the signs of domestic violence, understand the barriers to leaving, and comprehend the psychological impacts of domestic violence.

Haven Hills’ Children’s Program

Haven Hills provides resident children with group counseling and support groups that emphasize art and play. The program also provides children with one-on-one tutoring.

CalWORKs Services

In collaboration with the L.A. Department of Public Social Services, Haven Hills assists clients in the CalWORKs GAIN Program to recover from domestic violence and move toward self-sufficiency and employment.

Information for the LGBTQ Community

Haven Hills housing and counseling services are available to anyone who has been impacted by an abusive relationship, regardless of gender, gender-identity or sexual orientation. We offer LGBTQ-specific group counseling sessions and workshops.