Beginning MaHaven Hills welcomes pets into LA Domestic Violence Sheltery 1st Haven Hills will accept pets into our Haven Two Transitional Housing Program. Our intention is to shelter animals that victims have already created a bond with and avoid the loss that is associated with losing a pet in addition to all the trauma a victim is experiencing. Family pets will be considered on a case by case basis, considering the client’s ability to care for the pet, the animal’s history of behavior, the ability to safely and comfortably shelter the animal at our shelter, and the risk to any damage to our facility.

Haven Hills has partnered with Pet Vet Animal Hospital in Canoga Park. Dr. Brown has graciously offered his veterinary services pro bono to our clients’ pets while they reside at our transitional housing complex. And Canoga Park Pet Resort has offered to provide pet daycare for our client’s pets if they are out for extended periods of time for job interviews or appointments.  Thank you Dr. Brown and Canoga Pet Resort!