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Haven Hills is pleased to announce that it is 1 of 150 Domestic Violence Shelters to receive $20,0000 from The Mary Kay FoundationTMKF_Logo_web

“We are incredibly grateful for support from The Mary Kay Foundation℠ and its commitment to break the cycle of domestic violence,” said Iliana Tavera, Executive Director. This grant supports our efforts in providing critical, life-saving and life-changing services for thousands of women, men, and children in Los Angeles. Each year we empower over 3,000 women and men find the strength within themselves to break the cycle of abuse and to build a new, productive and positive life for themselves and their children.

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The Mary Kay Foundation Awards Haven Hills

Stop Domestic Violence, Build Self-Reliance, Save Lives

In the United States three women are murdered by their current or former partners every day. Intimate partner violence is the leading cause of female homicide and injury-related death during pregnancy. Domestic violence affects families at all socio-economic and education levels, and all ethnicities. Its impact on families is enormous and devastating, and the impact on the community as a whole is equally devastating.

Haven Hills provides safety, shelter, and support to all victims of domestic violence while working to break the cycle of abuse. We save lives, inspire change, and transform victims to empowered survivors.

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Learn About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of physical, sexual, psychological and/or economic assaultive and coercive behaviors against intimate partners. It does not have to be physical abuse.


  • 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the U.S.
  • 69.4 million—the approximate number of women and men in the U.S. who experience physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime
  • Nearly 1 in 3 women in the U.S. will experience domestic violence in their lifetime
  • Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. men experience domestic violence in their lifetime
  • Only 53% of domestic violence incidents were reported in 2012
  • Domestic violence rates are highest among 18-35 year olds; 61%-81% of DV incidents for this age group have children present
  • Domestic violence affects individuals and families regardless of socio-economic status, education levels, ethnicity, race, or religion

Haven Hills provides counseling, housing, and more to victims of domestic violence in the San Fernando Valley area of Souther California


Domestic violence and the impact on our communities is devastating and costly.

  • Increased Healthcare Costs: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the direct physical and mental health care costs of domestic violence in the U.S. are over $4 billion per year. Victims of domestic violence have twice the health care visits and utilization of medical services compared to those not experiencing domestic violence
  • Higher Utilization of Public Services such as police, fire, and/or social service programs
  • Employers report lower productivity and lost revenue
  • Young and adolescent children living in households where domestic violence occurs “act-out” at school, requiring special attention, special counseling, and other services
  • Domestic violence impacts community quality of life


Haven Hills provides counseling and housing to victims of domestic violence in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern CAIf you have witnessed, heard, or suspect someone you know is being abused, you can help by listening to her or him. Many victims feel they have no one to turn to, so simply being there for someone is an important first step because it breaks the loneliness and isolation, and offers hope. Help the victim recognize that abuse is not “normal,” and also not their fault. Tell the victim that you are concerned for her or his safety and want to help.

Find out about the counseling, housing, and other Services Haven Hills offers to victims of domestic violence and their children, and share this information. Learn the phone number of Haven Hills’ 24/7 CRISIS Line by heart—818.887.6589 and encourage the person you know to learn it too.